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Express Pay


To make a Credit Card Payment DJB Radio or Ron Paley Boadcast, please enter your information below:

At this site, Canadian Credit Cards Accepted ONLY!

1. Enter your Email Address

Email Address

2. Enter the card holder name, as printed on the credit card.

Card Owner

3. Enter the credit card number. (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover)

Card Number

4. Enter the credit card verification value, from the back of the credit card.

Card Verification Value

5. Select the credit card expiry date.

Expiry Date

6. Please enter your Invoice, Purchase Order, or Reference Number.

Invoice / Reference Number

7. Enter the Amount of the payment.

Amount $ (CDN Canada)

7. Process the payment.

Terms and Conditions

All Express Pay Window payments for purchases are final and without exception.
Any posting errors made by clients when making payments require immediate notification.
Refunds are based on the payment provider, and their terms of service.
No credit card information is stored after the transaction is completed.
Please visit our Contact Us page to get further Terms and Conditions information.